• Smart Foundation

    Networking Richmond Hill

    A smart home requires a large number of connected devices, all which take bandwidth from your homes network. This means that it is extremely important to have a home network that you can rely on for a strong performance. Using Control4's Package network, New Wave is able to provide you with the dependable network that your smart home requires.

  • High Performance

    Home Network Installation Richmond Hill

    Naturally, we all want all of our devices and streaming sites to work at all times. When New Wave installs your network, they understand the importance of differing and minimizing network traffic. They will ensure that you are able to use all of your devices and sites seamlessly and show you that the network they establish will be consistently honorable.

  • Constant Evolution

    Smart Home Installation Richmond Hill

    The home networks that New Wave installs are able to consistently adapt with their user. As your home grows to add more devices or programs, the network will grow with you. New Wave will be able to access your network in order to prevent any mishaps, making sure that you can continue to have the optimal experience in your smart home.

  • A Different Kind of Networking

    Lighting Control Richmond Hill

    The products and devices used during installation are designed for linking all aspects of your home. New Wave can offer you a different kind of networking that is reliable and gives you the best possible experience. Their products are made to remove lagging and long loading periods so that you will always have superior audio and video.